Saturday, March 29, 2003

okay blogs. viddy well. so we've got bombs dropping in iraq. we have bombs dropping all over hollywood. i mean i'm talking the lack of imagination is deadly! but what's worse? reality on t.v.? or bad reality in the theater? how many of you saw a movie recently that you said "i gotta see that one again." I saw "Two Towers" twice. Loved it the first time. Slept the second. Citizen Kane was on t.v. last night. Last time I saw it was sitting in Paris at a theater where they run old US films. Wonder if they're running them now. Vivre le French. Friend of mine said 'did you notice who they gave the first post war Iraq contract to? Halliburton. Dick Cheney's old company. Wars not over and they've already got a 500 million dollar contract. But the frenchies hands are dirty too - huge contracts with Iraq, huge corporate biz, as well as the Russians - they're freaked they may have no oil from Iraq. So here we are in a Clancy novel - war with Iraq over oil. If you believe it's to liberate people, then China is next to liberate the Tibetans. I hope everyone comes home safe. But I know that if Iraqis came to our country, had bigger weapons than we do, we'd be doing ANYTHING to save our regime, our asses our whatever. I'm shocked! shocked! the Russians are suppying the Iraqis with arms. Hey, didn't we do that in Afghanistan? And all those Russian soldiers who died while we supplied the fedayeen with CIA weapons. Does anyone know a double standard when they seen one? Okay, that's it for today.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Welcome to the musings of Martini, a half mad, half crazed filmmaker, with grey hair who spends his waking hours wondering how he got here, and what circle of hell will he be going through to get out? Abandon all hope ye who enter here.